Drillog Survey Software

dlsystemsetup6.exe (approx size 1.5 Mb)
dmsdl-02-03-43i.exe (approx size 4.1 Mb)

Instructions: Run dlsystemsetup6.exe, then run dmsdl-02-03-43i.exe.

If you have downloaded and run dlsystemsetup6.exe before, you only need to download and run dmsdl-02-03-43i.exe.


Survey Software FlexiShotâ„¢ is a 32 bit Windows based (95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP) software platform, which provides realtime support for the FlexiShot Singleshot service.

The software is designed to be used in conjunction with the GTI FlexiShot probe.

It provides a quick and easy means for users to perform the following tasks:

  • Read individual surveys from the FlexiShot to a PC using the lower connector.
  • Enable users to display and print individual singleshot surveys.
  • Enable users to generate a survey report from a number of singleshot surveys and provide bottom hole coordinate information.

Key Features and Benefits:
Realtime Dual-Tool support, Survey Editing and Reporting, Easy to use.

GTI Flexishot1-02-15.exe (approx size 3.5Mb) Run the file to set up FlexiShot.