QSurv Suite is a set of applications used by VES Survey International field personnel to quickly import data from the InFlex Survey tools and generate well survey reports for the customers. The software runs on any Windows 7/8 PC or laptop with Java 1.6 or higher installed. QSurv has many features to import data, filter and offset data, and quickly view data before creating a final survey report. All data is saved in a local database and can be retrieved and saved as needed.

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Designed to meet the demands of the drilling service sector, Drillog™ represents the first software package capable of being connected to and reading data from most real-time directional survey tool types, while providing a variety of well planning and drilling management functions. This 32-bit, Windows-based application (Win32/XP/Win 7/8) provides a single software platform for real-time survey data acquisition, analysis and reporting, both during the drilling process and during post-drill surveying.

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The FlexiShot™ software suite is designed to support the VES Survey International FlexiShot Singleshot tool. This 32-bit, Windows-based application (Win32/XP/Win 7/8) provides a single software platform for real-time testing of the instrument, as well as survey data analysis and reporting on location.

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