Wellbore Temperature Logging

VES Survey International has developed a high accuracy, high temperature borehole temperature logging instrument, which can be run on wireline to provide a real time log of true wellbore temperature. The temperature logger is designed to be fast and accurate and typically used to detect the top of the cement in casing applications. It is capable of running at very high temperatures and can be used in conjunction with other VES services or standalone.

The VES Survey International Wellbore Temperature Logging service runs within the VES Survey International Drillog software platform providing real time data. Rig site data can be presented in log form by the Drillog temperature logging service software.

Gamma Logging

The VES Survey International Natural Gamma Module (NGM) has been developed to complement its successful range of slimhole directional measurement instruments. The addition of NGM provides directional drillers with readily available target identification information for tighter control, allowing earlier (easier and less costly) corrections to be made.

The VES Survey International gamma service runs within the VES Survey International Drillog software platform providing real time directional and gamma data. Rig site data can be presented in log form to API format by the Drillog gamma service software.