VES Survey International, the world’s leading independent wellbore surveyor for the oil and gas industry, focuses every day on providing our customers with unmatched service, speed, and innovation. From field offices across the United States and throughout the world, we offer dependable delivery of the fastest call-through-completion wellbore survey results in the industry through the extraordinary personal service of our local experienced surveying engineers and the continuous development of proprietary high accuracy wellbore surveying technology.

VES is a private company with headquarters in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Our Difference


With a long-standing reputation for reliability, responsiveness, technical expertise, and trustworthiness, our experienced survey engineers offer our customers extraordinary personal service. As the largest independent wellbore surveyor in the United States, with a growing international presence, we are ready to work alongside our customers and committed to always recommending what’s best for them.


We are the leader in wellbore survey innovation: pioneers in bringing independent survey services to many U.S. and international oil and gas markets; trailblazers in developing proprietary survey technology and processes to increase survey speed across multiple applications; and developers of the smallest high accuracy inertial navigation system for wellbore surveying. We are also leaders in the development of solid state gyro solutions.


We have a track record of leading the industry in call-through-completion survey speed. We require shorter lead times than other wellbore survey companies, come to every job ready to survey, use our pre-calibrated field-friendly technology to minimize in-well survey time, and deliver final surveys to our customers immediately in the format they want.


We are independent wellbore surveyors, dedicated to exceeding our customers’ needs for directional survey services, not competing against their businesses. We provide objective survey results uncompromised by other business lines.